Meet Karen Brewer BSN, RNC-MNN

Karen is a Certified Registered Nurse in Maternal Neonatal Nursing with over 25 years of nursing experience, 20+ in postpartum, who is pouring all her energies into her own entrepreneurial journey as an author and educator in her field of expertise—Postpartum.

She is the two-time award-winning author of "The B.A.B.Y. Book: Best Advice for Baby & You (Parent's Revised 2nd Edition) and will begin providing CE courses for new postpartum nurses, as well as coaching and mentoring.

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“Serving as a reference that parents can refer to before, after, and beyond delivery, this resource is invaluable, both educational and practical. . this guide expertly anticipates the concerns parents will have and deftly addresses them. The author has assembled an authoritative yet humble primer to this essential topic. . . A much-needed companion for mother and child as they venture through the postpartum period.”— Kirkus Reviews


Educating Postpartum Parents

Providing additional up-to-date information and changes in practices/protocols.


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Providing information related to what parents have specific questions/concerns about.


Introducing Researched

Baby/Mom Items

Listing various items for mom and baby that are practical/necessary— and safe.

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My Book "The B.A.B.Y. Book: Best Advice for Baby & You" is About...

This book helps to educate parents on what to expect after the delivery of their baby. What mothers need to know about taking care of themselves for the first few days, what parents need to know about caring for and feeding their baby, and what to expect over the next couple of days during their hospital stay.

Most parents have not been patients in the hospital, so to be in the hospital for the delivery of their child/children can be a very anxiety-provoking time. Not only does mom need care but so do their baby/babies. This can make it twice as scary for parents. This guide goes over everything they can expect to happen with them, how to navigate those first few days, and how to handle a few things more after they are discharged.

With the nursing shortage ever-growing, education will no doubt be put on the back burner and the patient will suffer because of that. This guide will help bridge that educational gap and help parents have a great, anxiety-reducing start to their new life together as a family.

Book Reviews

". . . Everything we do as nurses or practitioners is to make sure you

and your new baby have a great start to your new life ahead . . . "

Gina C.

Finally - an amazing book that talks about postpartum! This is your perfect guide for after baby comes. With over 20 years of nursing expertise, Brewer offers invaluable advice for both baby and you. From hospital stay insights to understanding healthcare worker practices, this book covers it all. Perfect for new or seasoned parents - this would also make the best baby shower gift ever!

Shannon Hayner

The transition to parenthood can be simultaneously joyful and overwhelming. In "The B.A.B.Y. Book: Best Advice for Baby & You", nurse Karen L. Brewer draws on over 20 years of experience to offer new parents the comprehensive education and guidance they need to confidently navigate the postpartum period. This invaluable book goes beyond just the hospital stay to arm mothers with knowledge on caring for themselves and their newborns once home.

Brewer covers what to expect at the hospital, pain management, tests for mom and baby, and most importantly, how to provide postpartum care for both. Her explanations of medical reasoning give readers insight into what healthcare workers do and why. Whether you're a first-time or experienced parent, "The Baby Book" serves as an excellent refresher on best practices for the critical days and weeks after delivery.

With its reliable, easy-to-understand advice, this book truly sets itself apart as a must-have guide for any expecting or new parent seeking to embrace their transition with greater knowledge and peace of mind. I highly recommend getting a copy - you'll be glad you did!

Michelle Delizio Podlesni,

President of the National Nurses in Business Association AND Founder and Author of “UNconventional Nurse® Going from Burnout to Bliss!”

I have to tell you a story first before I share my review of your book:

About a week ago, before I read your book, my 19-year-old daughter asked me my opinion about bathing a baby. I asked what she meant, and she said there is this covering on babies that some people think should not be washed off. I thought, hmm… perhaps Karen mentions this in her book, and I will let you know. How awesome that when I read your book, the answer was on pages 141 and 142 under the baby’s first bath!  

I believe you have done an outstanding job in service to moms on what they can expect or may experience. It was a pleasure reading it, and I wish I had it myself back when I had our daughter. . . .You addressed so many issues that are important, and very obviously, your specialty and expertise shone through. . . . I really enjoyed reading it, and I thought the way you added some humor and warmth was very well done!

Lydia Cook, RN

Owner & CEO of Lydia Cook Coaching, LLC

Here is my review: I could have written about it all night:

I was a Labor and Delivery Nurse for years and worked postpartum. I was also cross-trained in the operating room and taught birthing classes. I read “The B.A.B.Y. Book: Best Advice for Baby & You”, and I thought I would find something to be incorrect or just not covered. I was wrong! This book covers everything a parent needs to know when anticipating the birth of their first baby.

As a nurse, I appreciate how thoughtful Karen was in writing this book. Many patients are often caught off guard by possible complications and medications to expect to take while delivering and recovering. I taught birthing classes, and I know for sure this book goes further in depth.

What really blew me away was Karen’s thoughtfulness about the entire experience of the parents and their new baby. This is proven by the amount of detail she goes into for the care of the new infant. She takes time to even mention overstimulating the baby.

Karen is correct, “Everything we do as nurses or practitioners is to make sure you and your new baby have a great start to your new life ahead.” A great start is by reading this book which covers everything necessary, is easy to read, and easy to understand.



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